Corning Endowed Doctoral Fellowship

Engineering students who meet the following qualifications: must have a 3.20; must be majoring in Engineering; must show promise of making a successful contribution in an area of interest to Corning, Inc.; must be a doctoral graduate student. Students must provide two letters of recommendations, an unofficial academic transcript, typed personal statement, and a resume must be included with scholarship application.

FAMU/FSU College of Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you have the hard copy letter(s) of recommendation, please upload the letter(s).
  2. Please upload a copy of your unofficial academic transcript.
  3. Please enter the names and email addresses of a reference/recommendation providers below.
    • Reference Provider #1
    • Reference Provider #2
  4. Please upload a copy of your resume.
  5. Please upload a one-page, typed personal statement.